Fluoride Treatment Dentist in Melbourne

Just Dental Group can provide fluoride treatment for adults and children alike to resolve certain issues they may have with their teeth. This treatment is a highly recommended way to defend teeth from the effects of any damage or decay that’s developed. Our in-house fluoride treatment dentist will explain what fluoride treatment benefits you can gain and detail your options regarding which treatment is suitable for you.

What Happens During a Fluoride Treatment?

Once a patient’s teeth and gums have been cleaned, a high concentration of fluoride is applied onto their teeth. Fluoride can be used in the form of a solution, varnish or foam that can be applied onto the teeth by using either a brush or cotton swab, or as a gel that is put into a disposable tray that the patient will wear over their teeth for several minutes. Once the fluoride treatment has been completed, the dentist will ask that the patient does not rinse their mouth or eat and drink for a minimum of 30 minutes, giving the fluoride time to be absorbed by the teeth.

Fluoride Treatment Benefits

  • The minerals of tooth surfaces can be restored in places where bacteria might have eroded the enamel
  • The growth of harmful oral bacteria is minimised
  • The growth and development of cavities can be slowed down
  • Can prevent gum disease from developing
  • Can prevent the premature loss of teeth

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