Dental Check-Up and Clean in Prahran

If you’re looking for a dental clinic that offers general dentistry in Prahran, don’t look past Just Dental Group. We’re committed to promoting good oral health for both our adult and child patients, helping them to maintain healthy and beautiful smiles.

Visiting our dentist and dental hygienist in Prahran for routine dental check-ups is highly recommended, as it’s the most effective way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Maintaining proper dental hygiene can be beneficial to your overall health and ensures that you won’t develop any troublesome conditions such as bad breath, tartar or plaque build-up, tooth decay or gum disease.

General Dentistry Services We Provide


Our dentist will methodically examine your mouth to assess the state and health of your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks and lips. They may also take an x-ray during some appointments so they can see parts of your mouth that cannot be viewed with the naked eye, such as the areas underneath the gums, around teeth roots and in-between teeth.

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Maintaining Your Whiter, Brighter Smile

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is one of the most commonly performed general dentist procedures. Besides keeping your teeth looking good, teeth cleaning is also done to remove any plaque and tartar found on your teeth, which will prevent issues such as bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental Filling

When a tooth has become decayed or has developed cavities, the decayed parts of it need to be removed and a composite resin dental filling placed in order to restore the tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting a dentist to undergo a dental check-up and clean is ultimately much easier and more affordable to deal with than letting any undetected dental issues worsen. A dentist can uncover signs of any issues early on and take steps to prevent them from developing into more serious problems.

Just Dental Group recommends that you visit a dentist for dental check-ups every six months.

This will depend on what your teeth and mouth require. Our dentist will explain of all the relevant costs involved.