Dental Payment Plans at Just Dental Group

Have you been wondering “where can I get dental payment plans near me?”, Just Dental Group is a payment plan dentist in Melbourne that offers a range of dental payment plan options for patients who wish to pay off their dental treatments in instalments. Whether you’re interested in interest free dental payment plans or you want to learn about using Afterpay or superannuation to pay for dental treatment, we can help you find an option that works best for you and your circumstances.

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Our Available Dental Payment Plan Options

My SuperCare

In some cases, superannuation can be accessed early via My SuperCare to pay for necessary dental treatments that you couldn’t otherwise afford. Our My SuperCare dental payment plan option requires specific eligibility criteria to be met, such as being a member of a Superannuation fund. Enquire with Just Dental Group for more information on how to access super for dental care.


If you’re looking for a payment plan dentist that offers Afterpay dental, Just Dental Group can help. Patients pay the overall cost of their treatment over four equal instalments that will be deducted from a debit or credit card account they nominate every two weeks. The first payment is deducted when the arrangement is set up.

Zip Pay

Just Dental Group is a Zip Pay and Zip Money payment plans dental service provider that allows eligible patients to use Zip Pay or Zip Money to receive the dental treatment they need. We understand that it’s not always feasible for patients to pay for dental work on the spot, which is why we offer this payment option that allows for treatment to be received sooner rather than later.


As a Melbourne DentiCare payment plan dentist, Just Dental Group can assist patients who may not be able to pay for their entire treatment upfront so they won’t have to delay treatment. We offer our patients flexible DentiCare dental payment plan options that are tailored to their financial situation.

Dental Payment Plans for Centrelink Recipients

If you’re a pensioner requiring a payment plan, we offer dental payment plans Centrelink recipients can use to get the treatment they need. Patients requesting this service must have a Healthcare card, Centrelink pensioner concession card or student card to be eligible and will need to show this card to our receptionist when arranging payment.

Interest Free Dental Payment Plans

At Just Dental Group, we believe that the cost of dental care shouldn’t be a barrier that stops patients from receiving the dental treatment they require. Our clinic may be able to provide you with interest free and no credit check dental payment plans that make financing dental treatments as simple and financially feasible as possible. Whether you need a dental implants payment plan or any other dental payment plans with no credit check and no interest, enquire with us today.

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If you’re wondering where can I get payment plan dental near me? contact Just Dental Group today. Call us on (03) 9510 1395 or contact us online to discuss your requirements with our friendly team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many dentists, including Just Dental Group, offer payment plans that allow you to pay for your dental services in instalments. Our payment plans for dental care can help make visiting the dentist accessible for more patients.

Not all dentists in Australia offer dental payment plans to their patients, so it’s important to check before making a booking. At Just Dental Group, we offer payment plans as well as providing options for accessing super for dental or using Afterpay dental services.

You generally pay for your dental treatment after you receive it. While payment is required immediately after your appointment, dental payment plans and options such as Afterpay allow you to split the total cost into instalments, with the first payment made after your appointment and the remaining payments made at a later date.

Yes, you can split payments at the dentist using dental payment plans as well as payment options like Afterpay. This can divide the total cost of your dental treatment into multiple instalments, making it easier to access dental care without paying the entire bill upfront. Whether you need a dental implants payment plan, a dental veneers payment plan or a payment plan for any other type of dental care, enquire with Just Dental Group to learn about our available options.